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8.5 Mil PPF for New Model 3 Highland from BestEvMod

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· Perfect Fit: BestEvMod Rear Fender Film compatible with Refreshed Model 3 Highland is designed with 1:1 precision according to the original vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit for your 2024+ Model 3.

· Material: Made from high-quality TPU material, the PPF film offers high tenacity and protects the paint against light scratches and swirl marks. The TPU film also has the capability to self-correct minor scratches under heat or sunlight.

· Note: Once installed, the BestEvMod paint protection film is virtually invisible. The image shows the areas covered by the film. The package includes: 1x left PPF, 1x right PPF, 1x spray bottle, 1x squeegee, and 1x installation guide. Please note: installing PPF requires a certain level of skill; professional installation is highly recommended.

· Why: Small paint chips can accumulate in the lower rear door area during daily drives. BestEvMod's clear TPU PPF film, which is 8.5 mils thick, maintains the glossy finish of your 2024+ Model 3 and protects your paint from these chips.

· Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to providing customers with better product and service. If you have any problem with our product, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will try our best to guarantee you are 100% satisfied.